Sponsor:  Mr. David Gwizdala
Room:  251
Meeting Time:  Tuesdays / Thursdays, 3:30 p.m.

Tapestry is Conant’s literary/fine arts magazine and is published each spring.  You can contribute to Tapestry in two ways: 1) Submit for publication your own creative writing, artwork, photography, or other creative media, or 2) Join the club as an editor and make decisions on publicity, material selection, format, and layout.  Editors can contribute their own work as well.  Works are judged anonymously, and decisions are based on originality, expression, and execution.   The club meets periodically in the fall to brainstorm ideas for the year’s publication and then once a week from December through April.  Tapestry showcases the wonderful creative talents of the student body and provides an opportunity for beginning artists to publish their creative work.

Q: What is Tapestry?

Tapestry is Conant’s yearly fine arts magazine, a showcase of Conant’s many talented students’ work. It publishes short stories, short plays, narratives, essays, poetry, photography, paintings, prints and drawings.

Q: How do I get worked published in Tapestry?

To submit your creative work: Entry forms are available starting in mid-November in the English Office behind Mr. Gwizdala’s desk. The deadline for submitting work is mid-January. Check Mr. Gwizdala’s website for more specific dates. Attach your work tro the entry form. You may want to protect artwork in an envelope or portfolio of some sort. You do not need to be on the staff to enter your work.

Q: How are the entries judged?

Entries are evaluated anonymously. All artists’ names are removed from their work. They are evaluated on originality, depth meaning, creativity, and content. How do I join the staff? See Mr. Gwizdala, his website or weekly/daily announcements.

Q: What does the staff do?

We advertise to get entries.

We evaluate and select work to be published.

We do the magazine layout, including creating interesting backgrounds using Photoshop.
This is the fun, creative part!

Q: When does Tapestry get published?

The magazine is completed in late April to early May and is distributed in Office 101. We encourage everyone that wants to contribute to see editorial policy on the content printed in the magazine. Tapestry staff has made this policy to act in a way of a simple guideline when selecting works to be included in the magazine. We, as the publishers and creators of Tapestry see our job as taking the most creative and outstanding work submitted by the students of Conant and presenting that to our whole community.