Outdoor Adventure Club

Sponsor:  Mr. David Cromer
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Camping, canoeing, biking, and spelunking are some of the activities that this club enjoys.  If you like the outdoors or want to learn more about the wilderness, this club may be for you.  The objective of the club is to provide an opportunity to plan trips, meet people, and enjoy nature.

Outdoor Adventure Club

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, learning new skills, and meeting new people, then the Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) may be an important part of the Conant experience for you. The Outdoor Adventure Club is an important vehicle for students to explore the natural world both as an extracurricular activity and in relation to specific academic interests.

Throughout the year, OAC will be offering a variety of outdoor trips and training programs that are open to all members of the Conant community.  An OAC trip may bring together students from all four classes, faculty, and staff in a discovery of the wilderness.  Many lasting friendships at Conant begin on OAC trips.

Outdoor Adventure at Conant is recognized as one of the leading high school experiential education programs in the Chicago area.  Numerous high schools have developed their programs based on Conant’s Outdoor Adventure Program.

The Conant OAC is committed to providing positive learning and leadership development experiences for all Conant students in a safe and properly supervised environment.  In all of our activities, OAC will focus on protecting the environment and maintaining our valuable natural resources.  These core concepts are vital components of the philosophy of all OAC trips and programs.

Outdoor Adventure offers a unique way to explore the outdoors.  Many of the students who become involved in OAC have little or no previous outdoor experience.  All of the skills you need to feel comfortable in the wilderness can be learned at Conant.  Students become involved with OAC for recreation, leadership, self-esteem & self-awareness, to learn new skills, and meet new people. Students who are interested in field sciences such as Biology and Geology might find that OAC offers them valuable training for their academic interest.  Others interested in environmental education, literature, history, writing, and other academic areas may find new opportunities to explore their interests in the natural world.

Outdoor Adventure Club/Trips

Outdoor Adventure Club trips may include such activities as:
•Rock climbing
•Cross-country Skiing/Snow Shoeing
•Bike riding
•Community Service

The trips are offered from a beginner level, for those just starting the activity, to intermediate and advanced trips for people with previous experience.  Throughout the year, a number of day trips and overnight trips on weekends are planned, ranging from a two-hour bike ride through Busse Woods to a weekend canoeing trip on the Wisconsin River. OAC provides opportunities for everyone to explore the outdoors and learn new skills. Many OAC activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Contact the Program Director for more information.