Forensics (Speech) Team

Sponsor:  Ms. Vera Bass
Assistants:  Mr. Julio Alvarez, Ms. Linda Goergen, Mr. David Jonen, Ms. Lori Stella
Room:  120
Meeting Time:  Mondays, 3:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Schoology Group Code:  GWT8F-QCCNS

Speech team is an IHSA activity where students have the opportunity to compete in 14 different events, each appealing to various speaking skills and interests.  Students with a passion for the written word, current events, and/or performance art will find that speech team offers something for everyone.  Speech team builds a confidence that will serve you throughout your life!  No prior experience is necessary, only an interest in developing your speaking skills and being a part of a team!

Event Overview:

Acting Events

Dramatic Duet Acting (DDA):  A performance of a dramatic selection by twoindividuals (each portraying one character)
Dramatic Interpretation (DI):  A performance of a dramatic selection by one individual (portraying several characters)
Humorous Duet Acting (HDA):  A performance of a humorous selection by two individuals (each portraying one character)
Humorous Interpretation (HI):  A performance of a humorous selection by one individual (portraying several characters)

Book/Pre-Written Events

Poetry (PO):  An oral reading of an arrangement of poetry using a black binder
Prose (PR):  An oral reading of a literature selection using a black binder
Oratorical Declamation (DEC):  A performance of a speech previously written and delivered at
a prior public event

Limited Preparation Events

Extemporaneous Speaking (EXTEMP):  Draw a question at the tournament related to a current event and write and deliver a speech that includes research you have prepared with limited time
Impromptu Speaking (IMP):  Draw a word, quote, or question at the tournament and prepare and deliver a speech with limited time
Radio Speaking (RADIO):  Arrange a radio script using current sports, weather, and local andnational news to be read like a broadcast

Writing Events

Informative Speaking (INFO):  Write and deliver a speech that informs upon a phenomenon or invention
Original Oratory (OO):  Write and deliver a persuasive speech on a topic of social relevance
Original Comedy (OC):  Write and perform a comedic scene involving a social conflict and multiple characters
Special Occasion Speaking (SOS):  Write and deliver an entertaining speech that persuades towards a specific audience of your choice