Electronics Club

Sponsor:  Mr. Joseph Tullo
Meetings:  Room 176
Meeting Time: Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Schoology Course Code:  Q8525-D5KZ3

Electronics Club is a student run organization for anyone who has an interest in technology, engineering, electronics, and RC cars. Students work on a variety of projects and challenges such as bridge building, cardboard boat designs and electronic circuits. All students are welcome to participate.

May, 2015
Congratulations to Conant’s Engineering Club for their achievements at the Square One Education Innovative Vehicle Design Challenge, building a car from scratch.  Out of 21 teams, Conant took 1st place in the figure 8 track, 1st place in engineering and craftsmanship and 2nd place for best innovation.



Spring, 2015
Conant’s engineering team goes to Mead Jr. High to inspire the next generation of engineers by showing them the school’s electric car and hosting a mousetrap car competition.