Finals Day 2 – Periods 5, 6, 7

May 25, 2017 @ 8:15 am – 1:05 pm
  1. Time and class schedule for Thursday, and Friday, May 25 and 26, 2017, is as follows:

(Please note period order)

Period 5 – 8:15 – 9:45 am Period 1– 8:15 – 9:45 am
Period 6 – 9:55 – 11:25 am Period 8 – 9:55 – 11:25 am
Period 7 – 11:35 am – 1:05 pm  
  1. Bus Schedule: The following bus schedule will be in effect for the exam days only.  Buses will pick up students for school at the usual times.  REMINDER:  There is only one morning run.  Buses will depart from school for the return run at the following times:
1st Run – 11:33 am Only Run – 11:33 am
2nd Run – 1:13 pm  

There will be no late buses on exam days.  Students who want to leave before the scheduled bus departures must provide their own transportation.

  1. Cafeteria: Lunches will not be served on exam days; however, breakfast and coffee will be available on the student lines.  Bagged lunches will also be available.
  1. During exam days, students must be in one of the following places:
In class, for scheduled exam Test Make-Up, room 132
Cafeteria, for snacks or relaxation Quiet Study Hall – Atrium (Cougar’s Den)
  1. All regularly scheduled classes must schedule a final exam. Exceptions to this are study halls and P.E. classes.  Semester exams should cover the semester work that has been completed.  Ninety (90) minutes has been scheduled for each period and exams should be appropriate to cover this amount of time.
  1. Seniors who are required to take exams will follow the above schedule. They may leave the building at the end of the exam period.
  1. Any student truant from a final exam will fail the course by default.