Physical Education

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News & Information

  • Uniforms are sold in the Main Office (101) year round.
    • Shirt – $8
    • Shorts – $7
    • Lock – $9
  • Heart Monitors are used in all PE classes.
    • Students will need to purchase straps for their monitors which will be used throughout the school year. The cost is $6.00; they may be paid for in Office 101 and picked up in P.E. with the receipt.
  • Swimsuits
    • It is the responsibility of each student, during their PE swimming unit, to bring their own swimsuit. Towels will be provided through a towel service. Swimsuit guidelines are as follows:
    • Girls’ suits – dark colors – one piece, ½ inch wide shoulder straps, supportive, and fitted. No decorative holes or “see through” material.
    • Boys’ suits – Boxer style suit with draw-string and mesh inner lining.
    • Students should carry suits in a plastic non-drip bag. Suits should be rinsed after class with
    • water. Lockers do not provide enough air circulation to dry swim suits; bacteria growth can occur.
    • Therefore, it is advised that suits should be taken home daily and air dried or placed in the dryer
    • at home. Adhering to these guidelines will assure a smooth transition to students wearing their
    • own suits in PE.
  • Zero Make-ups
    • Any student wishing to make up points lost in class may attend make-ups held before school.
    • Morning sessions are held Tuesday* thru Friday and begin promptly at 7:30 a.m. Students arriving after 7:30 a.m. will be asked to return on another date.
    • *No make-up sessions are held on Late Start days.



Department Phone (Boys): 847-755-3776
Department Phone (Girls): 847-755-3778
Department Chair Phone: 224-653-3369

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Janine S. Cashman
David W. Cromer Jr (Dept. Chair)
Thomas McCormack
Drewann Pancratz
John P. Powers
Amanda L. Schweinebraten
Jerry V. Song
Kelly A. Wolff

Lorel Cunningham 224-653-3352 [email protected]
Anthony Donatucci  224-653-3371  [email protected]
Deirdre Naughton 224-653-3351 [email protected]
Michael Opsal 224-653-3232 [email protected]
David Pena 224-653-3230 [email protected]
Jason Sherko 224-653-3230 [email protected]





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