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2017 Summer Reading Brochure
E319 / E345 Outliers Summer Reading Assignment
Letter to E108 Students

E419 Summer Reading Assignment and Materials

Summer Reading 2017
Summer Reading Poems
A Good Man is Hard to Find
A Temporary Matter
Sonny’s Blues



Department Phone: 847-755-3716
Department Chair Phone: 224-653-3240

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Mary K. Albamonte 224-653-3241malbamonte@d211.org
Katherine Apperson 224-653-3261kapperson@d211.org
Anthony A. Avella 224-653-3262aavella@d211.org
Roger D. Carpenter 224-653-3243rdcarpenter@d211.org
Christine Gaza 224-653-3245cgaza@d211.org
Andrew R. Guilde aguilde@d211.org
David S. Gwizdala 224-653-3247dgwizdala@d211.org
Martell T. Halloran 224-653-3248mhalloran@d211.org
Joshua E. Harbeck 224-653-3249jharbeck@d211.org
Travis Hastings 224-653-3253thastings@d211.org
Susan E. Hess (Dept. Chair)224-653-3240shess@d211.org
Kristy Madura 224-653-3242kmadura@d211.org
Anastasia Metaxatos 224-653-3254ametaxatos@d211.org
Kristina V. Michaels 224-653-3255kmichaels@d211.org
Karla R. Modelski 224-653-3256kmodelski@d211.org
Heather N. Munao 224-653-3257hmunao@d211.org
Zia Nathan 224-653-3246znathan@d211.org
Eric Scharaga 224-653-3258escharaga@d211.org
Cathyann Smith 224-653-3514casmith@d211.org
Stephanie R. Svarz ssvarz@d211.org
Asra V. Syed 224-653-3259asyed@d211.org
Zak M. Zerby 224-653-3263zzerby@d211.org

Literacy Lab
Lori Stella  847-755-3716 [email protected]